Olivia's Fireflies sketch

LibGDX post #1: Sketching out the general idea

July 21, 2016

This is the first in a series of posts covering my trials and tribulations of creating Olivia's Fireflies, my first libGDX game.

There are plenty of tutorials out there. So I'm not going to cover how to install libGDX, how to initially set things up, none of that. That's all readily available all over the Internet.

I'll attempt to go over my general approach here, and make sure future posts point out where I get stuck, and how I (hopefully) came up with a solution.

General concept

Olivia and ice cream. My granddaughter, Olivia.

This is going to be a learning game for toddlers. Mainly a counting lesson, but I'll probably throw in some easy spelling words as well.

The main play screen will be an evening forest scene, with fireflies glowing on and off,  flying back and forth across the screen. At the lower left, will be a mason jar. The goal, is for the user to drag fireflies into the jar. Each time they do that, a new, incremented number appears on the screen, paired with audio of someone saying that number.

That's the gist.

In addition, I might try to have animals randomly poke their heads out from behind trees, and when the user clicks on a deer, an audio voice says "deer," and deer is spelled out on the screen.

Once the user collects all 10 fireflies, a success screen comes up with a button that let's them play it again.

So that's the idea. Do I think it'll go smoothly? Hell no — there's a lot to learn here.  But my goal is to complete the game by year's end, and keep writing posts along the way.

And off we go.

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July 25, 2016


Woohoo! I am so excited for this. Soon my kindle will no longer be used for my e-textbooks but be covered in sticky fingerprints from Livy dragging her fireflies everywhere. And if you needed a good picture of Livy...all you had to do was ask ;)