The Lourve in Paris, France. Credit: Penny Walker

Ma femme est à Paris, so I'm building my first Android game

July 20, 2016

It's quite possible my wife got the better end of the deal here. She gets to travel to Paris with my niece (pictured above), while I'm at home digging into libGDX. Why would I do this, you might ask? I'm just starting to develop my Android chops, and possibly getting over this Hump of Understanding (is that in the Louvre?) — but instead I decide to take a hard right and build my first game. As my mom might say, "you ain't right." LibGDX logo libGDX is a free, open source game-development app framework released in 2014.

So, I figured if I'm going to struggle my way through this process in building a game, I might as well document the ups and downs — hopefully helping out my fellow right-brained people who have thought about trying out game development.

After reviewing many of the options out there, I decided on libGDX because it's free, it's got a lot of documentation, and it handles 2d gaming — which were my basic needs. Take a look over the coming days for the first of many posts. I'll mark them all with a "libGDX" category, making them easier to track down.

udemy-logoOne quick mention before I close. If you haven't tried out Udemy, give them a shot. It kinda blows me away how many tutorial videos you get at such a low cost — often $20 or less. In some cases, we're talking well over a hundred videos. You're starting to see comparisons with a college course, to a degree (but without the degree). Anyway, check 'em out.

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