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Attempting to free myself from a cloud named Adobe

July 23, 2016

I have nothing against Adobe. I've been using their products my entire working life (since late 1988), and I'll continue to use them at my day job. But lately, the monthly charges seem inefficient to me, especially when I'm typically using just one or two tools of the entire suite I'm paying for. Premiere is awesome. As is After Effects and Illustrator. I just rarely open them. Maybe 2-3 times a year?

So, I starting researching what life might be like at home without Adobe as a roommate. Anyway, here's my list. It's hardly perfect, but seems doable. Any thoughts? Other ideas?

Prices below are from July 2016.

Image editing: Pixelmator ($30)


Design/WordProcessing: Google Docs (free)

Google Docs

Development: Brackets (free)

Adobe Brackets

Vector artwork: Sketch ($99, student-rate is $50)


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